Dear Moms:

We’ve all been there when little Johnny had a tough time deciding what sport/activity he wanted to take up his time during the school year. Whether it was karate with Daniel or hockey with Cameron, the indecisiveness was inevitable. Encourage children to decide for themselves by inquiring about trial classes and lessons for each activity. Now, we’re not saying all will have them, but we can only assume that those who want your business will give your child the opportunity to test the waters.  

Here are 5 reasons why we love ‘trials’ for recreational activities:

Easy On The Wallet

Most trials will be free, as it is an opportunity for business’ to showcase their services.

Allows You To Checkout the Environment

Do they let parents watch? What are the teachers like? How much of a commitment will this actually be? – All your questions will be answered. Think of the trial class or lesson as not only a trial run for your child but also a trial run for you. Because don’t forget whose going to be the one driving them to the countless numbers of practices, lessons, and games.

Allows Your Child To Checkout The Competition

Maybe your child will find the skill level to be too hard? Or maybe the kids that are currently at the activity are not the usual crowd they hang out with. These trial runs are perfect for scoping out who your child will be spending their time with!

Helps To Determine Introvert/Extrovert Status

Extracurricular activities come in all shapes and sizes, and some just might not be the perfect fit for your child’s personality.  In a general sense, introverts do better when the activity is more one-on-one or in smaller groups. They often will feel drained after spending time with a large group and will need some solo time to recuperate. Where, on the other hand, an extrovert may find a smaller group and solo activity to be boring and not their cup of tea.

Gives The Opportunity For A New Experience!

Trials are all about the first impressions, and it should be easy to tell whether your child is enjoying the experience or not.

Well, That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

Little Beetle

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