Dear Moms:

Getting your kids to become more active might be the nightmare that haunts your dreams at night. Take a deep breath, as you’re not the only Mom out there with this worry! Sometimes allowing them to go on their electronic devices is the only way to get some peace and quiet. Especially if they had been bugging you constantly for the last two hours about being able to check their Pokémon. The key to increasing the activity level in your children is not to take the devices away but to become the master magician of making them disappear on their own. And no, we are not suggesting you hide them all together, we suggest creating active options that are more appealing than staring at a screen.

Try out these quick tips on how NOT to become the Grinch who stole all the electronic devices.

TIP 1: Be an Active Role Model

Being an active role model is probably the most important thing you can do. If your child sees you constantly sitting around working on the computer, or planting yourself in front of the TV, then it is most likely that they will develop those same non-physical patterns in life.
If your child sees you becoming involved in sports and activities that you are interested in, it will encourage them to join their own.
Imitation is the truest form of flattery, and your mini me wants to be just like you! If you encourage yourself to lead a healthy active life, then that will rub off on your kids.

TIP 2: Get The Family Involved

Another great way to achieve ‘role model status’ is to plan active family events. Plan to go for a hike on the weekend, or make it a weekly routine to go for a bike ride around the block. It is amazing to see how today there are literally zero kids playing outside. The invasion of technology and busy schedules prevents kids from just being kids. Encourage a planned schedule of spending a few minutes outside with your kids, eventually, these activities spent together will be something your children will look forward too.

TIP 3: Implement Try Something New Tuesdays!

This can apply to physical wellness or diet. At the beginning, you can be the one to pick something new for the whole family to try. PSA: Pinterest will be your lifesaver at this point. Search out fun activities that bring the family together for one night a week. Or search out a recipe to incorporate your child’s favourite fruit into a healthier dessert. At the end of the night, you and your family can decide whether it was something you would try again or an activity/recipe you would prefer to leave in the dust.

TIP 4: Get Pedometers’ For Everyone

Grab a pedometer for everyone in your family from your local dollar store or Walmart. Pedometers are budget friendly devices that can encourage healthy activity within the family. Everyone will become intrigued by how many steps they can take in a day. Establish rewards for those who can hit 10,000 steps. Tally the numbers to see who walked the farthest in one week. WARNING: this may also develop some healthy competition – which in the end will encourage more activity.

Tip 5: Turn The Music Up

Get the kids moving while they help you around the house, whether you are cleaning the dishes, folding laundry or cleaning up the toy room. Put on a song that everyone knows and can sing along too. Listen, dance and sing while you tidy up the house. You’ll be surprised by how much decluttering you can do with five minutes and a few extra hands.

Well, That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

Little Beetle

little beetle mascotLittle Beetle is a small but mighty bug that has all the knowledge on keeping your kids healthy and active! By pulling together a community of healthy active professionals – who are also tough Moms and Dads, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for all the juice on leading a healthy and active lifestyle with your kids.

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