Are you looking for fun and effective ways to increase your children’s concentration, balance and connection with you?

Here are 5 yoga poses to get you started!

Kids love yoga. There is nothing like empowering children with yoga poses that will challenge them and help them feel a sense of pride and belonging. I really enjoy seeing the looks on my yoga students’ faces when they rock a pose!

Why yoga?

Yoga helps increase strength, flexibility and can help children regulate their behaviour. So let’s get started right now! Find a nice space on a carpet or get out your yoga mats. Turn off the TV and let’s go!

Butterfly Pose and Blow Away The Dandelion.

Sit up straight and bring the soles of your feet together. Pretend you are a butterfly over a meadow. Oh! You see some white dandelions! Slowly take a deep breath in and then slowly breath out making all the white seeds fly through the air. Try this 5 times.

Tree Pose5 yoga poses to get your little one ahead of the game

You are in the forest with beautiful trees all around you. Stand up nice and tall. Lift one leg and bend at the knee. Rest your foot on your other leg to create a triangle shape. Challenge yourselves to bring your arms above your head and open up your beautiful branches. Now switch feet.

Frog Pose

Under the tree you see a cute little frog. Open your legs wide and crouch down like a frog. Stay here for about 5 seconds and then have fun jumping around.

Boat Pose

Yoga is better together! Sit with your child in this fun pose! Follow the frogs as they swim away in the water. Face each other. Hold hands and place the soles of your feet together and bring them up to form a sail. You can even sing Row, Row, Row your boat.

Candle Pose5 yoga poses to get your little one ahead of the game

Oh! It is now nighttime in the forest. You need a candle to see where you are going. Roll back and lie down. Bring your legs and back up to the sky. Use your hands to support your back. Try to keep your legs straight and together. Stay here 5-10 seconds. When you are done, slowly roll your legs down and take a short rest together.

Let me know which pose was your little one’s favourite!


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Shoshanna- Little Beetle

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