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Tips For The Ultimate Bedtime Story

Dear Moms,

Drawing a blank at the request of a bedtime story? Whether it’s a creative original or a spin on a classic tale, your bedtime story may need a bit of work. If you are lacking inspiration here are ten ways to get a bedtime story started when your littles want to hear a tale.

Align With An Interest

With out a doubt your child is probably currently obsessed with something, whether it is an animal, tv character, or toy. Create a story around that interest, the topic alone is what they will love!

Keep It Short And Sweet 

There is no need to go into intricate detail on these stories. The shorter the better. Just follow the simple structure: problem, problem becomes larger, problem get solved.

Recall One Of Your Childhood Favourites

We all know you remember your favourite tale from childhood, why not share it with the little one as well. Some tales are simply timeless and we are sure your kids will love it.

Give The Story A Moral

Reinforce life lessons by incorporating them into your bedtime stories. If James was territorial about his toys that day, create a story about a boy who hated to share and let others play with him, and how things turned around once he did change his attitude on sharing. Always end the story on a positive note, with the lesson learned.

Do It Together!

Sometimes it’s more fun when you aren’t the one doing all the work. Why not take turns with your child creating the story. You could go sentence by sentence creating an epic one of a kind story.

Recreate Your Own History

It’s always reassuring for kids to hear that their parents may have experienced the same thing in their childhood. Retelling experiences from your childhood becomes the perfect story-telling material.

Get Cultured

Prepare for story time by researching old folklore from different countries. One night you could go Greek, others you can dip your toes into African or Native American folklore. Its a lot of fun to retell these tales, however just keep in mind that some can get a little graphic and may need to be changed to be appropriate for your child’s age.

Gain Inspiration Through Art

Use your child’s recent masterpiece to spark a story. Ask them to explain what’s going on and just carry on from there. Your kid will love that you were able to bring their artwork to life!

Use Improv

Improv shows always get the audience involved in creating their story lines. Take this trick and add it to your story telling skills. Have your child provide the who, what, where and then you can take it from there.

Make Them The Star

Who wouldn’t love a story starring themselves? Make your little one the star of the show, give them some amazing super powers, or send them on a fantastic journey. We always tell them they can be anything they want, right?

Well, That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

Little Beetle

little beetle mascotLittle Beetle is a small but mighty bug that has all the knowledge on keeping your kids healthy and active! By pulling together a community of healthy active professionals – who are also tough Moms and Dads, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for all the juice on leading a healthy and active lifestyle with your kids.

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6 Things To Keep Your Little Ones Healthy Throughout The Winter Season

Here are 6 things you can start doing today to keep your little ones healthy throughout the Winter Season.

Keeping your kids healthy throughout the flu season seems like an impossible task with them being exposed to so many people in their busy schedules.  There is daycare, school, after school activities, indoor playgrounds, and the never ending birthday parties but it can be done with a little vigilance.

Decreasing colds, flus and stomach flus means less time away from their favourite activities and school.  Not to mention no one likes to see their kids suffer.

1. Wash their hands and encourage them to wash their own hands even when you are not around to police:

  • This may seem overstated or obvious but it is the most important tip because it can protect you and your kids from all sorts of diseases.  Washing their hands frequently and at least for 20 seconds with hot soapy water will destroy most viruses so that when they rub their eyes or eat their sandwich, they are less likely to get infected.  AND get rid of the antibacterial soap from your home.

2. Eat Immune-Enhancing Foods:

  • Vitamin C is definitely a cold-fighter, so eating foods high in Vitamin C such as berries, oranges and other citrus foods is beneficial.  If it is difficult getting citrus fruits into them then a chewable Vitamin C is a great option too.  Some other foods that also boost their immune system are garlic, yogurt, and most fruits and vegetables.  Make sure you get a variety of colors in your fruits and vegetables.  Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables are also known to boost your immune system.

3. Get Outside and soak in the Sun:

  • Winter is the hardest time to get kids to go outside but it can be very beneficial.  Trying to spend some time outside on a daily basis will help with their immune system and will have the added benefit of getting Vitamin D.  Most Canadians are deficient in Vitamin D and research has shown that this “Sunshine Vitamin” can help boost the whole family’s immune system and decrease colds and flus and their duration.

4. Getting Enough Sleep:

  • Getting the little ones into bed even ½ hour earlier each night can be of great benefit.  They don’t need to sleep ½ hr earlier but being in bed and relaxing can help the immune system function optimally the next day!

5. Decreasing Activities in the Winter Months:

  • This one is related to the last point.  If you notice your kids are complaining of being tired or having difficulty waking up in the morning or just being cranky it might mean they are doing too much.  Kids need time to do nothing and that helps them to stay healthy.  If you notice this then just cut down their activities for a short period of time until they recuperate.  These all might be subtle signs that your little one is getting sick or fighting something.

6. Keep their Immune System Sharp:

  • Having their immune system on high alert, especially if they are prone to colds and flus, is a good idea throughout the season.  The flu shot doesn’t do this, all it does is prime your immune system to remember a specific strain of the flu virus.  But for broader protection, consider supplements such as Echinacea or Elderberries that give their immune system a head start.

image1Dr. Zarlashta Popal ND is a Naturopathic Doctor who has been practicing since 2004 and has been with Maple Health Care and Rehab since 2009.  She is a mother of three young kids who knows how difficult it can be to keep the little ones healthy.  She has a special focus in Women’s Health and Pediatrics.

Easy Freezy Froyo Bites

Snack time will be easy freezy with these Froyo bites!

Keep a special treat ready in the freezer with these Easy Freezy Froyo bites. They are the perfect snack for all year round, especially when you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Freeze Time: 3 Hours

What you will need!

  • Your favourite flavour(s) of Greek Yogurt
  • Your favourite fruit topping (diced if needed)


  1. Using a silicon baking sheet, spoon your choice of yogurt into each cup. (Layer different yogurt flavours to make different combos!)
  2. Sprinkle fresh fruit on the top of each cup of yogurt!
  3. Transfer baking sheet with cups to freezer. Freeze yogurt for 3 hours, or until firm. Remove the silicon baking sheet when ready to serve.  ENJOY!

For some added fun, purchase fun shaped silicon sheets from the dollar store!

easy freezy froyo bites


How-To Avoid Boredom On These Chilly Nights

Dear Moms,

Colder weather is approaching and you may have noticed your kids are getting a little stir crazy from staying in the house a little more than usual. With Halloween out of the way and Winter Holidays around the corner, it may be time to start brainstorming some fun indoor activities that don’t involve video games or the television.
Have no fear, as we have 4 great ideas to share with you in order to keep the littles pre-occupied.

1. Start A New Winter Sport

Winter sports can be lots of fun for kids. There is ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and much more! The cooler temperatures make for the perfect time to try one or all out with your child.
The best part about these winter sports is that they can all be done as a family! Make it a plan to head to the local ice arena for the public skate, or plan a trip to the local ski hill, the possibilities are endless.

2. Bring The Outdoors In

Not everyone loves snow- kids included, and not everyone can afford to take a winter vacation. So why not try to bring the sunny summer season that we know and love, inside for a night. Here is all you have to do. Plan an indoor beach day! Wear your favourite summery outfit, and break out the flip-flops. Find the fruitiest frozen drink recipe from Pinterest and a delicious family dinner recipe that includes ham and pineapple or your favourite summer meal.
After enjoying a delicious Hawaiian feast, challenge the family to a limbo contest. Winner of the contest gets to choose their favourite vacation movie to watch for that night.

3. Get Artsy

Staying active during the cold winter months is not the only thing to be done to beat the cold winter blues. Your kids will love the opportunity to help make their surrounding environment (your house) look its best. Head to the craft store and buy some canvases and paint that match your current décor. Allow the kids to have at it and paint the canvases however they would like. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful rustic masterpieces your little’s can create.

Or you can get a head start on your christmas decorations and do some DIY crafts!

4. Host a Campout (Indoors)

Continuing with the idea of bringing the outdoors in, why not have an indoor campout? Pitch the tent in the living room ( or build a fort), and create a pretend fire. Toast some s’mores in the oven and share your favourite summer memories. You could even go so far as to create your own starry night with this Pinterest DIY.

Well, That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

Little Beetle

little beetle mascotLittle Beetle is a small but mighty bug that has all the knowledge on keeping your kids healthy and active! By pulling together a community of healthy active professionals – who are also tough Moms and Dads, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for all the juice on leading a healthy and active lifestyle with your kids.

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Essential Oils: Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

In your journey to healthier living, have you ever wished you had natural and effective options in your medicine cabinet?

Many people know that synthetic medicine isn’t the healthiest for their kids, but they feel like they have no other effective option.

Well, good news! I have found the secret weapon that was missing in our healthy living arsenal. The beautiful and powerful pure aromatic compounds found in therapeutic grade essential oils. And they are EASY to use, which is what used to keep me away from natural medicine. It seems so complicated and time-consuming. We have been able to avoid sick doctors visits for 3 years! Having sick kids is way more time consuming.

What are essential oils? They are the natural defence mechanism of the plant. They comprise of numerous aromatic compounds (we call them active ingredients in modern medicine) that have long been used in health-care practices around the world.
With children, we mostly use them topically, either where there is pain or discomfort or under the feet, to allow the oils to go into the bloodstream without causing any skin irritations. Diffusing the oils is also a powerful way to use the oils.

You will notice I mention the essential oil brand that I use quite a bit. The reason being is that it is the best company by far when it comes to the quality of essential oils, their potency, as well as the positive impact they have globally in all the supply chain. When it comes to helping my child fight off an ear infection, for example, it better work and be safe. This mama ain’t got no time to lose!

To learn more about the doTERRA difference  CLICK HERE!

I’m only going to mention Immunity and Sleep today, we’ll keep digestive issues and mood and behaviour issues for another time 🙂


We do our best at feeding our kids nutritious foods and getting them to exercise , our kids can still get sick from time to time!


The best I have found is doTERRA’s OnGuard protective blend. It protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system. Lots of studies show that many essential oils inhibit the growth of microorganisms like bacteria or fungi. Isn’t it great news! 🙂


This has to be one of my favourite properties of essential oils, their antibacterial and antiviral properties. I wouldn’t be able to explain it as well as Dr. Steuer does here:


Getting enough sleep also plays a big role in our kid’s immunity and overall health.

Essential oils like Lavender and Bergamot are rich in linalool and linalyl acetate, compounds that have well-known relaxing properties. These oils can be diffused aromatically in the bedroom. Cedarwood and Vetiver are also very powerful oils that have sedative properties and also calm the racing mind.
I hope that you now feel empowered to makeover your medicine cabinet for healthier options for your kids and the whole family!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.


Veronique GolloherVeronique Golloher is a french Canadian, Toronto resident for now 13 years, wife and mother of four beautiful children!  She is passionate about using natural, safe and effective solutions for my family’s health and well-being. She has been travelling all over Ontario and Quebec as well as the US, teaching workshops on the healing power of essential oils, representing doTERRA’s amazing Essential Oils and Natural Health Products.

Smooth & Crunchy Apple Sandwiches

The Smooth Taste Of Peanut Butter


 The Crunch Of An Apple


An equation that will truly ‘wow’ your taste buds. Combining two of arguable the worlds best snacks in a sandwich rendition is genius, and we praise the one who came up with it.

All you will need to make this healthy and quick snack is an apple, peanut butter and some chocolate chips! OR if you are feeling adventurous ( and  your kids have a taste for them) you can top with raisins, oatmeal, shredded coconut or almonds.

  • 1 apple, sliced and cored
  • 2 Tbsp peanut butter, almond butter or sunflower butter
  • mini chocolate chips
  1. Spread peanut butter on top of the apple slice.
  2. Next sprinkle with chocolate chips.
  3. Squish two halves together.
  4. Continue until all slices are done.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

The combinations are endless! 


Sort, Toss, or Let Them Have At It?

Dear Moms,

Halloween is always a great adventure. Watching your kids get excited over dressing up and hitting the streets to collect some goodies. They may have been the type to walk until all pumpkin candles had been blown out, or maybe they were the type that walked to the familiar houses and then called it quits. Either way, we are sure you have a big-ol’-bag of candy sitting somewhere just taunting your little one (and you if we are being quite honest).

Its day two-post trick or treating, and hopefully your kids have come down from their Halloween high. However, now you’re stuck with this loot of sugary treats and are unsure of what to do with it.

Your routine may go a little differently but for most, candy is brought home, dumped on the table and then the sorting begins. Now each Trick or Treater has their own process, as I am sure most parents do as well. First you check all candy for any holes or broken seals. Then you discard any unfamiliar brands that you and your kids may have never heard of before. THEN, the fun begins. They pick their favourites, you pick yours… and essentially you have a somewhat endless supply of happy sweet treats.

What we want to know is what is your go-to Halloween routine?
Do you play the rule of thumb- one sweet and one salty treat per day?
Do you apply the Parents candy tax- for every ten candies Mom and Dad get one each, after all, you were the ones who took them out trick or treating.
Or do you just let them have it; they’ll learn the discipline needed with sugary treats when they are managing a tummy-ache later.

Each parent has their own style! And we are not saying one is right over the other, but we want to know! Comment your answers in the comment section below.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas you can consider on what to do with all the candy?

Freeze It!

You can practically freeze any form of candy, especially the chocolate kind. This allows you to spread out the consumption longer. Plus, have you ever eaten a frozen Mars bar?

Take it to your dentist

You may not have known this, but some dentists will buy back your child’s Halloween candy. Some may even give a dollar per pound! Inquire with your dentist to find out more.

Bake a special treat!

Who wouldn’t want to eat all their candy at one time!( well sort of at one time). Skim Pinterest for some delicious left-over Halloween candy recipes. Our favourite is this delicious Leftover Candy Brownie!

Well That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

Little Beetle

little beetle mascotLittle Beetle is a small but mighty bug that has all the knowledge on keeping your kids healthy and active! By pulling together a community of healthy active professionals – who are also tough Moms and Dads, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for all the juice on leading a healthy and active lifestyle with your kids.

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Building Your Child’s Immunity

An enthusiastic Real Food Advocate, I am a self-described “clean (eating) freak”. Why? Because that’s the biggest factor that contributes to good health: it starts with food! Fresh, unprocessed, quality, real food, which by default is nutrient dense.

We are all constantly exposed to germs. A strong immune system will enable us to fight off the majority of the germs and make us less susceptible to getting sick. As such, when we do catch an occasional cold, we will get better quicker and suffer less.

The main factors that contribute to a strong immune system are: good sleep, low stress, don’t fear dirt, get exposure to a few minutes of midday sun (in the summer), use supplements or natural remedies as needed /as necessary, and eat real food.

Food is so important to having great health.

When I teach classes on boosting immunity, I spend the majority of the time talking about food. And I may get asked “does this help to build immunity?” a few times as I’m going on with suggestions on food combining, maximizing nutrients, etc. Yes, it does. A strong immune system requires a healthy diet. There are plenty of supplements and natural immune boosters on the market, but eating properly is the place to start. (From there you might further refine/eliminate if necessary).

Our food nourishes our body. The nutrients in food enable the cells in our bodies to perform their necessary functions. If our body doesn’t get nourished with the vitamins and minerals that it needs, it can start to malfunction. Metabolic processes may slow down or even stop. Immune problems arise because it is easier for bacteria or viruses to take hold when important nutrients are missing.  As such, good nutrition is essential to developing bodies and keeping the immune system healthy and strong.

Here are some tips:

1) Eat Real Food. Real food is that which does not require a label with a list of ingredients. Real food is an ingredient: vegetables, pastured meats and eggs, wild fish, healthy fats, soaked or sprouted grains, nuts, and beans…. It will energize, strengthen, and heal your body. 

2) Eat quality food. Fresh, whole, unprocessed. Quality matters. Organic, pastured, wild, grassfed, chemical free. There is a difference! Poor quality food sources are lacking in vital nutrients.

3) Eat the right nutrients, ideally from food (as opposed to supplements). Know what the essential nutrients are, and spend time researching so that you can learn the most bioavailable foods sources. Some essential nutrients are: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, essential fatty acids. Get your levels checked if you need to.

If/when you do take vitamin supplements, it’s generally best to use whole food vitamins – you can always find them at the health food store. If you are not sure, ask someone who works there. Most synthetic vitamins contain chemicals and additives that probably do more harm than good. They were originally developed because they cost less. Whole food-based vitamin supplements are derived directly from foods; they are better absorbed by the body than synthetic vitamins and they are more likely to provide necessary nutrients, as the body can better recognize them.

4 ) Significantly reduce or eliminate sugar. Sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies and contributes to suppressing the immune system: It promotes inflammation, feeds harmful bacteria and yeasts in the gut, and it feeds the pathogens that cause illness. (So you might consider avoiding the fruit juice, popsicles or ginger ale when sick).

5) Significantly reduce or eliminate junk food and processed food. It is common knowledge (or at least it should be!) that packaged and processed “foods” are not really food. They are chemicals and empty calories with no nutritional value that damage the gut, harm the body and impact health. The body does not recognize them (because they are not food), and so it perceives them to be foreign invaders. In response to foreign invaders, the body sends antibodies to attack. If the body constantly needs to produce antibodies to battle against these foreign foods, the immune system will weaken over time. No manufactured, “enriched”, or flavoured food can do for us what Real Food does. Our bodies need the nutrients from real food to function properly. You wouldn’t put apple juice into your car’s gas tank!

6) Eat fermented foods as often as possible, ideally with every meal.

The gut is the largest part of the immune system: 80% of the immune system lies in your gut. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in our intestines that keep the “bad” bacteria from taking over. When you have poor gut flora (the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract), there is more opportunity for illnesses to take hold.  Probiotics play a critical role in regulating both our intestinal immune system and our internal immune system. Antibiotic use, which is a typical part of many infant and child’s early life, destroys these healthy bacteria, leaving a child more susceptible to various illnesses and intestinal problems. (So if you are taking antibiotics, it’s a good idea to take probiotics a few hours later, throughout the course, and beyond.)

Fermented foods are full of vitamins, enzymes and good bacteria (probiotics). Cultures around the world have been eating fermented foods for years.

Some fermented foods are: yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, pickles and sauerkraut. Making your own fermented foods at home is easy and is usually best for optimal preservation of nutrients and beneficial bacteria, as well as for their immune supporting and digestive enhancing properties. The commercial versions, while better than not eating them at all, generally have less probiotic activity than the homemade versions.

If you are not eating fermented foods on a regular basis, take a good probiotic every day.

7) Be aware of interactions.

For example: calcium inhibits the absorption of iron, while vitamin C enhances it. As such, a person who is deficient in iron might eat iron rich foods with food rich in vitamin C and away from food rich in calcium. So they might eat their (grassfed) hamburger with red peppers, not with cheese!

Another example: grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds are high phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient that binds to minerals in the body (including iron, calcium, etc.). So if your children are eating a lot of these, they might not be absorbing a lot of nutrients that the body needs because the phytic acid is binding to them and they are being eliminated. One way to break through the phytic acid barrier is to eat phytic acid rich foods with vitamin C rich foods such as red peppers, grapes, or tomatoes. Another way is to “prepare” these foods through soaking and/or sprouting (prior to cooking), which is said to reduce a lot of the phytic acid.

Another example: Calcium bioavailability from plant foods can be affected by their levels of oxalate (oxalic acid); oxalic acid binds with calcium to form calcium oxalate, an insoluble salt – therefore inhibiting calcium absorption (and other problems caused by too much oxalic acid include gout, kidney stones…. ). Raw spinach, for example, is often eaten as a source of calcium, but it is high in oxalic acid (which would bind to the calcium so that the body doesn’t absorb it). In order to reduce the oxalic acid in spinach, it’s best to lightly boil it. Eating raw spinach regularly (think spinach smoothies) might not be a good idea.

This problem is more with long-term consumption of these foods leading to nutrient deficiencies because the oxalic acid in these foods is binding to calcium and also to other minerals in the gut. Some people will be more sensitive to the oxalates than others. Those with a compromised gut might especially want to take note of this. One way to compromise your gut is to take a round of antibiotics; many antibiotics can kill the flora that degrades oxalate. (Another reason to eat probiotic rich foods with meals!) Cooking vegetables also helps break down the cellular structures to increase the digestibility and nutrient absorption of nutrients in the vegetables. 

It is also important to know that many vitamins and micronutrients are fat-soluble; meaning they are best absorbed by the body in the presence of adequate fat. Studies show that those who consume salads with fat-free salad dressing absorb much less of the helpful phytonutrients and vitamins than those who consume their salads with salad dressing containing fat. So a fat-free salad (or smoothie!) is a waste of nutrients. Add fat to your vegetables to optimize the absorption of vitamins.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming, costly or confusing. Just eat real food. It’s an important key to good health and will supply you with the essential nutrients the body needs for a healthy immune system.

If you are having trouble with “discerning” eaters, or are “time challenged” in terms of making meals, or still have questions, you are welcome to contact me and I’d be more than happy to help you out. Find me through my website!

Despite our best intentions and efforts, sometimes we do get sick. My next post will talk about various natural options that could help when you are starting to get sick, or when you do get sick.

Erin Budd, B.Sc., MBA
Real Food Advocate & Educator
Reiki Master/Teacher
Angel Card Reader/Intuitive Guidance
Probiotic Pusher


Erin Budd- Little Beetle

Erin Budd is a mom to two amazing boys (who rarely, if ever, get sick), and wife to a wonderful husband, Erin is an enthusiastic Real Food Advocate & Educator, a Shamanic Reiki Master/Teacher, and an Angel Card Reader offering intuitive guidance. Her passion is helping people and guiding people to live healthier, happier lives. Among the things she has studied include: aromatherapy, reiki, muscle testing, nutrition, EFT tapping, therapeutic touch, Qigong and other forms of energy medicine.



Healthy Chicken Noodle Soup (Halloween Edition)

Oodles of noodles and some spooky Halloween fun!

Turn your favourite traditional chicken noodle soup into a pot filled with carrot pumpkins and bat noodles. Halloween night is always a busy one. The kiddies are eager to throw on their costumes and hit the streets running for the search of the best Trick-or-Treat spot. Plan ahead of time this week and make Halloween dinner tonight by trying your hand at the Halloween version of healthy chicken noodle soup. One we are sure your kids will love!

Not only will the soup be filling but it will also warm your little Batman, Princess, and Ghost up for a night of fun!

Use your favourite chicken noodle soup recipe and just substitute the carved pumpkin carrots and black dyed noodles, or follow the one below.


Serves: 6

What You Will Need: 
  • 8 cups canned low-salt chicken broth
  • 1/2  whole chicken
  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 1 carrots, peeled, carved into pumpkins and thinly sliced
  • 1 celery stalks, sliced
  • 1 tablespoons  butter
  • 1/2 box of bow tie pasta
  • black food colouring
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
Bat Noodle Prep:
  1. Cook your pasta according to the box’s al dente instructions.
  2. Once cooked, drain the pasta and rinse with cold water.
  3. Place into a gallon zip top bag, add black food dye and shake the noodles well.
  4. Allow to sit overnight and drain any excess dye off in the morning.
Soup Prep:

Combine chicken broth and chicken in a heavy large pot. Bring to boil. Reduce heat; cover partially and simmer until chicken is cooked through, about 20 minutes. Using tongs, transfer chicken to large bowl. Cool chicken and broth slightly. Discard skin and bones from chicken. Cut chicken meat into bite-size pieces and reserve. Spoon fat off top of chicken broth.

Return broth to simmer. Sauté onions, carrots and celery with butter then add to broth. Simmer for about 8 minutes. Stir in pre-cooked bat noodles, parsley, and reserved chicken. Simmer until noodles are tender, about 5 minutes. Season soup to taste with salt and pepper.

For some extra fun, serve the soup in small hollowed out pumpkins!

Recipe idea originally from Mommy blogger, Morgan Manages Mommyhood.




5 Tips To Get Your Child’s Blood Flowing

Dear Moms:

Getting your kids to become more active might be the nightmare that haunts your dreams at night. Take a deep breath, as you’re not the only Mom out there with this worry! Sometimes allowing them to go on their electronic devices is the only way to get some peace and quiet. Especially if they had been bugging you constantly for the last two hours about being able to check their Pokémon. The key to increasing the activity level in your children is not to take the devices away but to become the master magician of making them disappear on their own. And no, we are not suggesting you hide them all together, we suggest creating active options that are more appealing than staring at a screen.

Try out these quick tips on how NOT to become the Grinch who stole all the electronic devices.

TIP 1: Be an Active Role Model

Being an active role model is probably the most important thing you can do. If your child sees you constantly sitting around working on the computer, or planting yourself in front of the TV, then it is most likely that they will develop those same non-physical patterns in life.
If your child sees you becoming involved in sports and activities that you are interested in, it will encourage them to join their own.
Imitation is the truest form of flattery, and your mini me wants to be just like you! If you encourage yourself to lead a healthy active life, then that will rub off on your kids.

TIP 2: Get The Family Involved

Another great way to achieve ‘role model status’ is to plan active family events. Plan to go for a hike on the weekend, or make it a weekly routine to go for a bike ride around the block. It is amazing to see how today there are literally zero kids playing outside. The invasion of technology and busy schedules prevents kids from just being kids. Encourage a planned schedule of spending a few minutes outside with your kids, eventually, these activities spent together will be something your children will look forward too.

TIP 3: Implement Try Something New Tuesdays!

This can apply to physical wellness or diet. At the beginning, you can be the one to pick something new for the whole family to try. PSA: Pinterest will be your lifesaver at this point. Search out fun activities that bring the family together for one night a week. Or search out a recipe to incorporate your child’s favourite fruit into a healthier dessert. At the end of the night, you and your family can decide whether it was something you would try again or an activity/recipe you would prefer to leave in the dust.

TIP 4: Get Pedometers’ For Everyone

Grab a pedometer for everyone in your family from your local dollar store or Walmart. Pedometers are budget friendly devices that can encourage healthy activity within the family. Everyone will become intrigued by how many steps they can take in a day. Establish rewards for those who can hit 10,000 steps. Tally the numbers to see who walked the farthest in one week. WARNING: this may also develop some healthy competition – which in the end will encourage more activity.

Tip 5: Turn The Music Up

Get the kids moving while they help you around the house, whether you are cleaning the dishes, folding laundry or cleaning up the toy room. Put on a song that everyone knows and can sing along too. Listen, dance and sing while you tidy up the house. You’ll be surprised by how much decluttering you can do with five minutes and a few extra hands.

Well, That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

Little Beetle

little beetle mascotLittle Beetle is a small but mighty bug that has all the knowledge on keeping your kids healthy and active! By pulling together a community of healthy active professionals – who are also tough Moms and Dads, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for all the juice on leading a healthy and active lifestyle with your kids.

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