Dear Moms,

Colder weather is approaching and you may have noticed your kids are getting a little stir crazy from staying in the house a little more than usual. With Halloween out of the way and Winter Holidays around the corner, it may be time to start brainstorming some fun indoor activities that don’t involve video games or the television.
Have no fear, as we have 4 great ideas to share with you in order to keep the littles pre-occupied.

1. Start A New Winter Sport

Winter sports can be lots of fun for kids. There is ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and much more! The cooler temperatures make for the perfect time to try one or all out with your child.
The best part about these winter sports is that they can all be done as a family! Make it a plan to head to the local ice arena for the public skate, or plan a trip to the local ski hill, the possibilities are endless.

2. Bring The Outdoors In

Not everyone loves snow- kids included, and not everyone can afford to take a winter vacation. So why not try to bring the sunny summer season that we know and love, inside for a night. Here is all you have to do. Plan an indoor beach day! Wear your favourite summery outfit, and break out the flip-flops. Find the fruitiest frozen drink recipe from Pinterest and a delicious family dinner recipe that includes ham and pineapple or your favourite summer meal.
After enjoying a delicious Hawaiian feast, challenge the family to a limbo contest. Winner of the contest gets to choose their favourite vacation movie to watch for that night.

3. Get Artsy

Staying active during the cold winter months is not the only thing to be done to beat the cold winter blues. Your kids will love the opportunity to help make their surrounding environment (your house) look its best. Head to the craft store and buy some canvases and paint that match your current décor. Allow the kids to have at it and paint the canvases however they would like. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful rustic masterpieces your little’s can create.

Or you can get a head start on your christmas decorations and do some DIY crafts!

4. Host a Campout (Indoors)

Continuing with the idea of bringing the outdoors in, why not have an indoor campout? Pitch the tent in the living room ( or build a fort), and create a pretend fire. Toast some s’mores in the oven and share your favourite summer memories. You could even go so far as to create your own starry night with this Pinterest DIY.

Well, That’s The Juice!

Until Next Time,

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