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Drawing a blank at the request of a bedtime story? Whether it’s a creative original or a spin on a classic tale, your bedtime story may need a bit of work. If you are lacking inspiration here are ten ways to get a bedtime story started when your littles want to hear a tale.

Align With An Interest

With out a doubt your child is probably currently obsessed with something, whether it is an animal, tv character, or toy. Create a story around that interest, the topic alone is what they will love!

Keep It Short And Sweet 

There is no need to go into intricate detail on these stories. The shorter the better. Just follow the simple structure: problem, problem becomes larger, problem get solved.

Recall One Of Your Childhood Favourites

We all know you remember your favourite tale from childhood, why not share it with the little one as well. Some tales are simply timeless and we are sure your kids will love it.

Give The Story A Moral

Reinforce life lessons by incorporating them into your bedtime stories. If James was territorial about his toys that day, create a story about a boy who hated to share and let others play with him, and how things turned around once he did change his attitude on sharing. Always end the story on a positive note, with the lesson learned.

Do It Together!

Sometimes it’s more fun when you aren’t the one doing all the work. Why not take turns with your child creating the story. You could go sentence by sentence creating an epic one of a kind story.

Recreate Your Own History

It’s always reassuring for kids to hear that their parents may have experienced the same thing in their childhood. Retelling experiences from your childhood becomes the perfect story-telling material.

Get Cultured

Prepare for story time by researching old folklore from different countries. One night you could go Greek, others you can dip your toes into African or Native American folklore. Its a lot of fun to retell these tales, however just keep in mind that some can get a little graphic and may need to be changed to be appropriate for your child’s age.

Gain Inspiration Through Art

Use your child’s recent masterpiece to spark a story. Ask them to explain what’s going on and just carry on from there. Your kid will love that you were able to bring their artwork to life!

Use Improv

Improv shows always get the audience involved in creating their story lines. Take this trick and add it to your story telling skills. Have your child provide the who, what, where and then you can take it from there.

Make Them The Star

Who wouldn’t love a story starring themselves? Make your little one the star of the show, give them some amazing super powers, or send them on a fantastic journey. We always tell them they can be anything they want, right?

Well, That’s The Juice!

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