2017 is upon us! You are excited? I know I am. A New Year brings forth brand spanking new opportunities, and memories. This year, my ultimate goal is to love myself just a little bit more. In the past years, I will shamefully admit that I will put others before myself. Which is ultimately not a bad thing to do, as most of us are mothers and we have to put our little ones before ourselves. I’m sure that there are a few mothers out there that struggle with trying to find a balance between being a mom and taking care of themselves. Here are two tips on how to love yourself a little bit more in 2017 as a mom.


Eat healthier. As a busy mom it can be extremely hard for us to incorporate healthy eating in our day-to day lives. We do it for our little ones but how do we do it for ourselves? It’s easy! If you’re not a big veggie eater why don’t you become a veggie drinker? Sounds crazy right? If you have a juicer at home this can be easy, if not, there are juicers available on the market for affordable prices. Grab a few veggies from your local grocery store and juice it! One glass of let’s say for example: celery juice, gives you all the nutrients you need to attack your busy day. This is just a simple way to taking care of yourself. By juicing on a weekly basis your mind, body, and soul will thank-you.


Tap yourself on the back more often. You don’t give yourself enough credit. There it is I’ve said it. You don’t give yourself enough credit. As we dive in 2017, I want you as a mom to give yourself more credit for all the hard work you do for your little ones and family. Stand in front of a mirror, pat yourself on the back and say “I am a darn good mother.” Trust me, when you give yourself more credit you will definitely take some of the pressure off being a mom.



About Our Blogger:

My name is Kiana & I am a Doula in Toronto. My love for wellness started roughly 3 years ago after I was diagnosed with hirsutism. I wanted to reclaim my life after I’ve lost it to a great deal of sweets & a completely bad diet. Just like you, I live an extremely busy life. Therefore, my goal on Little Beetle is to help the mama’s that have lost themselves in the wonderful busy mist of parenting. I will let you in on all my tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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